Meet the Chef's of Bella Gluten-Free


one gluten intolerant (Cecilia)     one celiac (Mary)      one because she likes it (Tracy)



We take baking seriously, so you don't have to. 


In 2009, three bellas met at the Wheat Free Gourmet Cooking School in Boulder, CO. Mary (school founder) and Cecilia and Tracy (Le Cordon Bleu culinary students) came together to explore and learn the secrets of beautiful gluten-free cuisine. Sharing their rich Italian heritage (each one had an Aunt Carmel), great passion for delicious food (try stopping them from jabbering about it) and a burning desire to bring something great to the gluten-free diet…it was friendship at first sight.  As a result, a beautiful partnership formed and in 2010 the chefs launched Bella Gluten-Free™. With a mission to bring joy back to people on restricted diets, Bella Gluten-Free 100% natural, allergen friendly baking mixes provide “Beautiful Food, Simply Delicious”.  Bella Gluten-Free is committed to bringing the best allergen friendly mixes to market, mastering taste, texture and nutrition.

At it again, the trio launched Bella Gluten-Free™ Cup-to-Table line in 2015. Using the same whole grain flours and superior ingredients, they developed a range of sweet and savory allergen friendly baking mixes that allow you to make fresh baked products in your home in just minutes.  Easy to mix, requiring only 2-3 wet ingredients and baked from scratch in less than 30 minutes, whether you are 10 years old or 90, it is convenience every chef will love.  Stay tuned for videos and recipe posts and watch the chefs stir up magic.